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Hi everyone,

even though it is clearly stated in the rules that segmented runs are prohibited, I put quite a lot of time into running the main game aswell as the addon. And boy, did I segment the hell out of those games ^^

Without worrying about dying and with the certainty of getting exactly what you want from each merchant / chest, you can pretty much run through the game from start to finish without the leveling time that has to be spend in a legit run! This became possible with the introduction of new combat magic spells that both increase speed aswell as damage output!

I got the inspiration for that from the existing records by Alien who managed to play through both games in about 2 hours each while it took me about 20 hours to play the normal way! There is also an existing segmented run by LightningX who chose melee instead of combat magic to run through the game. He posted his run on another speedrunning site together with a very entertaining commentary!

If you want you can check out those runs, they may not be official records but they are still fun to watch, especially mine (hint hint ;-))

Best regards Balder


hey balder,

normally I don't liek segmented runs but as this game has far to few active runners I will gladly take any kind of new entertainment. I will watch both your runs.

Thanks for the effort :-).


That's interesting. concerning the trick of the potions, i think i know how can reproduce that. Good to know ;) !

And GG for the runs, i have to see them in detail, but that's seems very impressive.

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Hi everyone,

its been a while, but I finally finished my Utraean Peninsula Speedrun! Once again, its segmented and thus not valid, but I could not resist a run with perfect items and unlimited retries O:-)

My reference was the existing Tenstone run which is not segmented but instead uses a level 66 starting character which is also prohibited. I was hoping that the techniques I used in my video would outperform the high level advantages, but in the end, the gap was just too big to catch up!

Nevertheless, I am quite happy with my result, so I will link it here together with the Tenstone run. Enjoy!

Best regards Balder

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