Questions to ask concerning the game and the categories
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Questions to ask concerning the game and the categories

Hello !

Since a new special run was updated on the forum, i questioned myself about the actual rules of the game, and i wanted your opinion :

  • Segmented runs are always prohibited, of course. (if really several people really want to run segmented, maybe i could consider making this category)

  • Changing speed (for 1.2 speed) in the menu is now considering cheating. Obvious :p .

  • in the actual rules (not created by myself), it is indicated : "Both single player and multiplayer games are accepted." I'm a little embarassed about that. For me, Multiplayer and not multiplayer campain are nearly a different game, at least it's a different experience. So i'm not agree with that. For me, this rule is too permissive, and i'm considering delete it in the rules. What do you think of that?

  • And last question : do you think create a new category "single player" could be interesting?

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you do not need to change the rules just because of me. All of your points only apply to my runs:

  • they are in single player (everyone else used multiplayer)
  • they are with 1.2 speed (only effective in single player)
  • they are segmented (only possible in single player without resetting the ingame timer)

If you want to allow advantages like faster speed, saving and using companions, having the differentiation only between single player and multiplayer could be enough. That would automatically split all points in question from the existing runs. In addition to that, I do not see a big advantage between 1 and more players since the HP and XP scale up with the number of players (even though not exactly linearly), so they could be combined in my opinion!

Lets see what other opinions there are!

Best regards Balder



I am not running this game but I can tell you what I like and dislike about the ruling. I would generally allow everything the game has to offer. With this I mean the 1.2 game speed in particular. I would prefer to have 2 categories: singleplayer and multiplayer (multiplayer not meaning to have multiple runners but using the multiplayer lobby). In multiplayer I would also allow to quit the game and start the map again on another starting point. That's at least my opinion on that matter.

And yes segemented runs are fun to watch but should not be part of the leaderboard.

Hope to see a non-segmented run from you (balder) at some point (and maybe even a run on the uträa map :D). I really liked your segemented runs.

Manitoba, Canada

just submitted a run of Utraean peninsula where I use multiplayer as well as quitting and reloading to different spots.

I think it could be pushed under 1 hour once optimized and is actually a fun run (other than running through the desert for 5 minutes).

Not sure if it will get verified so here it is :

good luck :)


glad to see some new runs here. will watch it! lord balder has made a segmented run which was 38m so under an hour for a non segmented run should be possible. hope to see more runs :-)


Good run @smoke ;) . I accept that of ourse, respawn is a part of the multiplayer game, you can abuse of that of course. The only thing i don't like about that, it's people with SSD have a little advantage (cuz of loading time), but i think for now it's not a big deal ^^.

However, maybe it will be fun to create a sub-category or this abuse can't be allowed, for me at least it's also another fun experience. But we will see in the future, i just think about it.

Manitoba, Canada


Now to optimize :)

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