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Figured I should make this to bring anyone interested up to speed who hasn't seen my latest run of D&D Heroes.

-The 'no Loading Saved Heroes' rule has been altered, since it is an integral part of the game to load in characters to give your friends a fighting chance when playing. No using a saved hero for a new run, since that would just make the run ridiculously easy eg. starting a new game with a level 30 hero and destroying everything in sight.

-Character specific categories have been removed/obsoleted since the item duplication strategy is used. This may change if I can find a reason to put them back up, but at this stage there isn't really a point to having different categories for each different hero.

-Easy/Normal/Hard are the current difficulty categories but that may change if things turn out to be similar to the character specific categories, also I will be looking into Nightmare difficulty runs, which will be INSANE if I can pull any off.

-Other than that, all I have to do at the moment is look into potential item routing and potential boss skips/cheesing, I hope this has clarified everything for those who may have been confused after seeing the latest run.

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Also I forgot to mention, I will be making a video going over the current strats and posting it in the 'Guides' section of this game, the video will likely be split into several parts. I will also look into creating a text document/post for convenience sake too.

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Been a few months since I've posted here, guess I should give an update on things.

-Rules are the same, thinking of adding in categories like 'No item duping', along with 'All Quests', which I still have to route and run.

-I did runs on both Easy and Hard earlier tonight and whilst I'll be posting those runs on here, they will be soon obsoleted. There isn't much difference time wise between the three, and next to no difference in strategy.

-Still looking to add in a 'Nightmare%' run, which would have a couple differences, such as no 'Raise Dead Amulets' which are integral to Any%.

-Still planning on making a video guide for the run. Been long overdue but I keep finding new things to test and try out. Even tonight I just thought about Save/Load warping back to the start of the Dungeons after picking up the 'Mark of the Guards' key item, since I more or less go back to the beginning of the area.

-Overall, not much has changed, outside of tweaking strats and as mentioned, finally getting on to stuff.