CAO leaderboard and bot commands
3 years ago
Lower Saxony, Germany

this is the automatically generated top 100 fastest 3 rune games on online servers

furthermore there are numerous speedrun related bot-commands to grab statistics from the info bots (beem/seam in spectator chats as well as Cerebot and some others in numerous Discord servers)

most notable

!speedsplits [user] shows milestones (enter lair, rune 1 - 2 - 3, enter zot, pickup orb) compared to current 3 rune world record time

!lg !bot min=dur urune=3 won

shows current fastest non-bot game.

urune=15 for 15 runes, add -log at the end for the morgue, specify species, class or god are possible options

details here or join discord to get in touch with experienced players

also online servers support seeded online games meanwhile which we might add as category soon if theres some interest

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