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Hi all,

first thanks for all the great guides and tipps for running this game. Thumbs Up.

I am running Dune on the Amiga and I was trying to get the green strategy to work.
I assume I did everything do achieve this but it does not work for me.
- I capture the Fortress near the Harkonnen Palace
- I build Windtraps
- Wait for 40 Units of Water and the start planting the trees
- Then I wait untilö the water tanks are empty and the plants grow to the palace
If I then go to the Harkonnen Palace I always die.

So I wonder if this strategy is intended to work or is it just more like using a bug / glitch?
So what am I missing here?

Btw I also cant get the Infinite Spice Bug to work on the Amiga, so I always have to keep an eye on my spiece productiopn for the greedy Emperor.



I can't be sure for the Amiga version, because I always play the PC floppy disc version (the one with most bugs).
Prospere went to the point where Chani got kidnapped by the Harkonnen. Were you at the same point when you tried that strategy?
Or maybe the plants didn't grow enough? Maybe try to wait a bit more?
Then again, I can't be sure for the Amiga version, perhaps it just doesn't work.

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thanks for the answer.

I was aware that it is not very likely, that you have much experience with the version I am playing, but of course who knows 😉
I am pretty sure Chani was kidnapped (its been a while as you can imagine, see my late response) So yes I was at the same point.
I also waited a fair amount of time, but maybe not enough, this is still worth checking.

Then again, do you know for sure if its an intended game feature or a bug? If its a bug I would say 99.9% it wont work also.


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well, I can't tell for sure if it's a bug or a feature. I guess it's more likely to be a bug. 😕
I hope you still enjoy playing the game from time to time 🙂

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ah alright, would be neat if its a feature, but you are propably right.
I really like this game but for me its really though to get a decent run. I already invested so much time so I wont give up on it.


It's great to see a new runner on this game 🙂
Don't hesitate to submit your run, even if you're not fully satisfied with it.


Dont worry I am not a perfectionist, as soon as it is decent enough I will submit it 🙂
I just find it hard to run for some reason.


Also, all the "real time" runs currently online are made on the floppy disk version. The Amiga version may not run at the same pace.


Good News (for me at least)

I found out that winning through Eco is intended, so its not a bug.

That means I just did it wrong last time.


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Hello ! (Im alive :p)
Be sure you have at least 40+ units of water before sending eco troops inside the sietch.
And then wait a few days until your green troops stand still (you can see the sprites of the troop not moving when you are on the map view)

It's not a perfect science, I failed a few times...
If the water tank is not filled properly the troops will stop planting, it's weird, I have to order the troop to "start planting" again and they will stop if the water tank reach 0 unit and not continue even if the tank is refilled between days.
I wait until 40+ units is reach so the troops can plant without stopping and the plants reach the palace.

One time I started plant too early (maybe 30 units), I had to wait a few days to refill the tank (troops stop planting), Even after re-order planting ,reach the palace etc... I died when I come to the palace so... Maybe it's a bug lol

Hope this can help you !
Cheers 🙂