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3 years ago
New South Wales, Australia

Hi All, This game can be 10-20hours long in a single sitting, are there any rules around pausing the timer and continuing the next day?


Hello Jon_oh ! I cant talk for the other moderators but i personally would say that would not be allowed.

A run has to be done in one segment, it shows that the runner can show endurance and consistancy through the run.

Could be discoussed about having a segmented misc category though, but for now you'll have to beat the game in one sitting.

GL !

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Texas, USA

Hey Jon, Kaiser is pretty spot on here. Although I would probably be against a segmented leaderboard because as soon as someone does a run in one sitting that board would be obsoleted so idk. Plus if segmented runs were legit then any person on youtube with a let's play of this game would have wr right now.

Washington, USA

Yea if you Pause the timer during a run that you submit to any leaderboards that I personally moderate I will reject the run plain and simple. Just keep the timer running if you have to do something IRL, that's just how it goes. This is not SDA, Segmented runs of any sort have no place on an RTA Leaderboard

New South Wales, Australia

Thanks for the quick reply, makes sense to me figure I check nonetheless. Shame the in-game timer on the pause screen isn't particularly useful enough to use as IGT. Oh well

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