100% Rules
8 years ago
Victoria, Australia
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8 years ago

Just wondering what everyone else's thoughts were about this category. Obviously you should get 100% in all levels, including collectibles. I think you should also have to open each house and collect what's inside.

However, should you also have to go to the Secret Village (aka The Developer's Grove)? That requires depositing a total of 10,000 Rapo-Coins into the Wishing Well. I'm unsure as to how many Rapo-coins you will have at the end of the game. It might require redoing some of the levels to get the required amount of coins.

Let me know what you guys think. :)

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California, USA

I think 100% should just be getting the 100% rating on every level, meaning getting every collectible, getting rid of all of the Shadow Goo, and obviously collecting the pages and saving Raposa.

Secret Village is an easter egg and I feel shouldn't be included into 100% completing the game. The real question is should we include buying every single item that Issac has to sell. Personally I don't think we should but it is something debatable I feel. I am probably going to have my first full run of the game be 100%, because when I played the game originally I unintentionally tried my hardest to collect everything as it is.

I already mentioned it in the DtL discord but I am putting together a 100% save little by little over the past few weeks because I am pretty busy as it is, but as I went through World 1 I felt as if just saving Raposa, collecting the pages, and getting rid of the Shadow Goo as well as getting the three collectibles took up a lot more time to do than it did to just think about and plan. So I feel going into every house is unnecessary as most houses only have lives or coins, and that doesn't do anything towards 100% completion on the game, and adding that to the category will just make the runs unnecessary longer and more difficult to make time for. What do you think though? SeemsGood