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I'm sure all the runners know but running Dead Space 2 on console does take longer due to door loads or elevator loads, adding precious minutes to the overall time.

Would it be something worthwhile to create a console NG and console NG% any% category, or is the DS2 running community more or less done and moved on?


I personally just dont see the point, also the time isnt that much different, the main reason that the pc version is much faster is because of the glitches and skips, not the load times, take dead space 1 for instance, TheBritishRunner has the World Record for dead space 1 and his run is performed on Xbox 360, his WR is around 5 to 6 min faster than the PC run, take of that as you will.

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It used to be like that, but the number of categories were unruly and it was hard to compare times, you can easily filter by platform.