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Savefiles + Trainer (Coords / TP's) + Splits + Patch (direct download)

By Electric / Funzein


All savepoints!

All Savefiles current to speedrun + NG+ virgin file (direct download)

By Electric / Funzein


Splits for Casual Any%

Will need to have the patch below downloaded. Download the livesplit software at (direct download)

By Electric / Funzein


DLC + Into removal for Origin and Steam versions

(direct download)

DLC Removal for steam version

Replace the default steam exe with this one. Open the exe and enter your steam cd key for the game. You may have to disable the steam in game overlay for dead space 2. You should then be able to launch the game from either within steam or from the exe. If you have weird issues with the controls, reset them to default. (direct download)

Downpatched Steam EXE with Intro Removed

(direct download)

By sharkhatsharkhat

Intro Cutscene skip mod (external link)

By SuicideMachineSuicideMachine