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Hey guys

Long time runner of Resi series and veteran of Dead Space here 🙂 Massive fan of DS but never wanted to run it as speedruns make me look very differently at games ive enjoyed in the past. That being said, i've decided to learn DS and was wandering if anyone could shed some light on Pulse Boosting that ive been seeing in the most recent any% easy catergory. Not been able to find any info on the trick amd would love to learn how its done.

Regards 👍

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It's extremely simple to set up, but please bear in mind it is entirely FPS based. (Works best from 120-200. My rough mid point was 150, and you can cap it locked in NVIDIA video settings.)

You must unbind your stomp key, and in short, run into any wall, and start spamming the secondary fire for the Pulse Rifle. You'll see that you launch, pretty hilariously backwards.

It works off of almost any collision-able surface. When it was first discovered, we spent a few days just running into everything in the game and seeing if we could jump off it. It's used for most of the skips now and allows some intense OOB routing.

If you're still unable to, I will happily produce a quick video on the trick.


Also, if you're in the dead space discord, there are videos in this doc, which you can also find in the dead space discord.

We just finished setting up the tutorials, which I'll add the link to in the Resources tab on this page. You can find full chapter tutorials, as well as a Pulse Boosting Tutorial.


Thank you both very much for the responses. I did run DS glitchless bout 4 years ago but I honestly hate playing on easy mode but if I can get it down I will probably run impossible mode 👍

Regards again 😄

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