Intro Skip

This DLL file will skip the entire intro, and start you at the ship. (direct download)

By SuicideMachineSuicideMachine

Trainer Gitlink

Github link direct for the Trainer and updates. Current one is packaged and uploaded below. (external link)

By SuicideMachineSuicideMachine

Universal Trainer for Speedruns

This is a Universal Trainer and can be used to teleport around and see things normally in-accessible by the player. If you have any trouble using this, feel free to contact a moderator. (Has all 3 Dead Space games, as well as an Origin loader for Dead Space 1 and 2.) (direct download)

By SuicideMachineSuicideMachine


Saves Ch1-12

This is a RAR File of almost every chapter in the game, as well as various points throughout each chapter where most objectives have ben completed. To use these saves, (it is recommended you back up your original), go to your local system drive and access 'Documents'. Then look for 'EA Games' and 'Dead Space'. From there you can load these saves in however you please. Any more info, feel free to contact a mod on how to use/load them. (There is also a README file included.) (direct download)

By AngryBritishCat

Zip Alternative for Ch1-12

Zip alternative requested by LivingLooneyBin (direct download)

By AngryBritishCat


TheBritishRunner`s Speedrun Splits

I hope you find these as a useful way to progress through the leaderboard. (direct download)

By TheBritishRunnerTheBritishRunner


Mouse Acceleration Fix

Removes mouse pointer acceleration (external link)

By Mark Crannes

Mouse Fix

A fix that changes how mouse input works, making it independent from the FPS issues plaguing the PC version of Dead Space. For more info, view the download page or read the README contained within. (direct download)

By Methanhydrat