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Hi i was looking into running this game on pc and i was wondering if there is some compiled information about what is alloud and what may apply in this game regarding the pc version. For instance i hear that if you play at a high fps then the game physics break and sometimes if vsynch isnt on then you can soft lock. Is this true? i also heard that load times are tied to fps. if thats the case this game desperately needs a load remover or a capped fps rule.

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I can confirm without vsync this happens - so its best to have that on to avoid this and other possible glitches. this is the only game breaking one I found.

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If you have the FPS really high then the game will 100% softlock in certain sections (i can't remember where tho) and with high FPS Issac's movement speed is significantly slower... in order to run this game optimally on PC you should turn Vsync on which will cap the FPS to 30, and as far as i am aware i don't think the FPS affects loadscreens but it doesn't really matter anyway since the game is slower and unplayable in some cases at 60FPS or above. This game does already have a load remover though but we don't use it since it's been timed RTA for a very long time but we can add an in game time option if necessary but the leaderboard time will still go off RTA.

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