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Hi there. Recently became a mod of this board and I'm in the middle of completely overhauling the page as per 'yes' and 'no's' from the current mods.

Some short quick points to what has been changed, as a list here.

I will be updating the thread with changes to the board as I go, and if you have any suggestions, things you'd like, or categories that you think may be interesting, feel free to submit them here. All will be discussed.

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-Changed the Profile Image
-Updated the Info section for bits about the game.
-Overhauled Resources
-Overhauled NRV's Guide.
-Adjusted info for every Categories rules.
-Thinking over Max% on how to make it a better category to run
-Working on adding Variables to each alternate category to include difficulty choices. (Barebones having Impossible or Casual, for instance)
-Moved Barebones to Misc categories section.
-Individual Levels have been changed to NG+ only considering the fact they are intended to be quickest level clears and nothing more.
-(To further on ILs, considering the fact only one run existed on the whole of the category board, the original run was wiped due to no video evidence being available, the account being dead, and no way of contacting the original runner to have them re-verify the run, due to the fact that the time for the level was unusually low and through extensive testing did not seem possible.)
-Currently writing a Barebones Impossible guide.
-Every category description altered
-Rewriting Main Rules info.
-Added Trophy Icons. (Marker Symbols from Red to Gold)
-Overhauled parts of Tags
-Adjusted Release Date to be correct to the NA Version (13th of October 2008 was first offical release.)
-Added 'Havok Engine' as the Engine tag.
-Added NG+ option subcategory to NRV.

If there is anything else you feel is important to add, please tack on below my list.

Thanks, and happy running.

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Max% Category rules have been overhauled, to make it a more consistent, and reasonable category to run.


Overhauled tools for the Dead Space Resources with a new addition of SuicideMachines' Universal Trainer, which now includes loader for Origins version of Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2's tool.


After a long thought out process (nah not really we talked for like 10 minutes about it), NRV is being merged into the Any% categories and is now part of main game. This was 'requested' by a few runners, and has been thought over.

With this change, we are now splitting the boards between PC and Console, mainly due to the discovery of a brand new trick calling Pulse Boosting, and NRV being merged. There will be a a new guide made on this trick and a video detailing on how to do it, small tips, and whatnot.

Console is at a massive disadvantage due to the fact NRV is simply not possible, as well as pulse boosting being entirely FPS based. Therefore, board will be split between platforms.

For tips on how to run with NRV, please refer to this guide. ----->


TheBritishRunner has also made a few changes detailed here.
-Glitchless Category added. How good's your game knowledge? :^)
-All boards split between PC-Console.
-Max% updated minorly.
-All rulesets updated to include NRV Info.


-Overhauled Ch1-12 saves resources tab with full NG+ loadout, Level 5 suit (level 6 suit sux bro), and Save points at the rough end of each chapter (where all objectives have been completed)
-Adjusted some variables so leaderboard is cleaner.
-Made minor rule adjustments.


-Updated Rules for Glitchless.

After about a 2 hour discord call, I have tacked on a few additions to Glitchless to make it safer to run and leave less questions. To confirm a few things,
The Ch3 Refuel Skip is allowed, as this is a kinesis based skip and does not break the game in any fashion.
Quick killing Tentacles are allowed, due to the fact they have a low health pool anyway with NG+ runs.
Ch3 Centrifuge skip is allowed as there are no invis walls around the barriers and you are fully able to run all over them as is, assuming they are kinesis'd.
Ch3 Refuel comes into play with pulling the Ch12 vent lever (for the fans), that is also permitted.

Depending on how fleshed out these runs become, I may add on to the 'allowed tricks list' here, depending on consensus between runners. These have been discussed in depth to a degree, and I will allow them for now.

(edited: )

Ch3 Centrifuge skip has returned to being banned as it is coming under Wall Boosting. However, you are allowed to risk stasising the railings and running off to skip (part) of the centrifuge spinning. That's at your own risk.

Everything else should still be fine. A question has come up about the beacon cancel skip (You place the beacon and open inventory), this is allowed due to the fact animation cancels are not always intentional, and I'm not going to police anyone on that. You'll be fine.

Enjoy your runs. Any other questions, feel free to message, or ask in the discord.


NRV's opening cutscene has been timed at 3:26, and a new Intro skip DLL has been written to skip the opening.

If you'd like to start without the opening cutscene, please import the DLL and set your split time to 3:26. You then start timing on beginning of difficulty select/load.

Any runs starting before or after 3:26 will be instantly rejected.

Please be reminded this is an entirely optional choice as loads differ between users. You can watch the intro cutscene and time normally or choose the set time and skip intro. Choice is yours.

This applies across all categories.


The timing methods for DS1 have been overhauled and now begin when control is gained at the beginning of the game, please take this into mind.

I no longer have access to the boards as I was deemed inactive, so please refer to MattMatt, Looney, or Sharkhat for further needs.

Papa bless.


Can i still speedrun DS1 without livesplit on xbox one or no

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