Would our MOD please accept whip-only category?
5 years ago

I'm trying whip-only category of this game but have no idea whether it will be accepted by our MOD. I'd appreciate it if accepted.

Queensland, Australia

Should be okay to be accepted as long as its all done legitimately

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I was wondering why my proposal on whip-only category was rejected not as you said before(Certainly it has no illegal parts). What are activities you originally expected like? That is just a test run made to confirm whether it will be accepted. If it is I will make a better one soon; if not I will never pay my attention to this meaningless work.

Queensland, Australia

Yes as I said in the rejection, initially I thought we were gonna have a few more runners doing this category to at least have 3 people with runs, but thats not the case anymore so the category won't be made.

Massachusetts, USA

I would like to give this run a go if there are a couple more runners interested.

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