I would like to address the Situation of different leaderboards, of course there are 3 different ones right now, but seeing as it is, Comparing PC, PS4 (HDD and SSD) on the same board might be a bit unfair. giving PC its own Board, PS4 HDD, and PS4 SSD its own board. And since there is a 3DS version (and a Switch version is about to release) we could add those aswell.

I would like to offer help with the leaderboards if no one speaks against it.


I'm definitely not against separating the categories and subcategories for consoles but I will wait until more people actually commit to doing runs before creating the sub categories for the various consoles since the length of this game is pretty hefty regardless of the category.


Yeah I think save subcategories for when there's more runs happening, and we can see how much of a difference the loads make. It's definitely gonna be big enough to matter, but it's probably gonna be a while before it makes the difference between WR and not 🙂

The more obvious ones that will definitely need to be added is japanese PS4 and 3DS, since they're definitely different runs. But that will probably also wait until getting in touch with japanese runners


I agree with blueharvey to have separate categories for PC, PS4hdd, and PS4sdd and then add a second one for true ending. A few Japanese runners have already both done PS4 hdd and ssd runs. and a few english runners have done PS4 hdd runs. We're just all typically waiting until we have a good time to submit (I assume).


Besides the good "final time" we are waiting on, the only thing that is basicly left is the revamping. Would gladly offer my help if you dont mind.


Currently in Japan there are categories for PS4 HDD, PS4 SSD, and 3DS. Obviously we need to add a PC category because of the load times. I've been told that SSD saves about 20-30 minutes over HDD, which is a really unfair advantage. I believe those should be the 4 major categories. Anything else, like Sword of Light% or True Ending% are just other meme categories you are welcome to make that are not any% versions of the game.


That's a good point, put the current "neutral ending" as the default category and call it Any% to be consistent with the rest of the series