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I assume it starts on file select and ends on the fatal blow to the last boss like the other games, would just be nice if it was actually specified in the category rules


Yeah I was looking into this game and uuuhhhh lol... yeah there's gonna have to be multiple categories such as - sword of light, neutral ending and true ending because of how long it takes you to get to each one, beating the full game without a solid xp gain/exploit strat would definitely take up to a full day + , just start timing on file creation and end on reaching the sword of light, on killing the lord of shadows or killing calasmos

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After doing some searching around, these are the rules listed in this japanese runner's bio for any% https://www.twitch.tv/akabeko_

・Start the timer
[Create a new adventure log.]
・Stop the timer
[The Lord of Shadows and Mordragon are
[Supplicant, Healer, Seed of Skill3]

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Palace is correct, those are the rules Japanese runners use and what we have been using. Several of us have done runs, we just haven't uploaded times yet probably cause we wanna do better before submitting times.

The only special rules we had really discussed (We have a DQRTA discord server if you are interested) include no DLC. The Trodain gear is fair game because everyone gets the items in their starting inventory.

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please do link that discord!


https://discord.gg/v36pJSD is the link to the DQRTA discord server, this is for all Dragon Quest games

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