I noticed you stopped the timer on the game. Im generaly not against pausing, since it is something I was wondering for some time. For long games such as DQXI, should pausing be allowed for runs ? I mean BnH did a run (and submitted it) with a Pause. But this could be the first RPG speedrun to change the way we look at pausing. I think pausing is a good idea especially if you need to take a break (so much text mashing your hands probably gonna hurt).

It's something that surely needs to be discussed more, but I thought its interresting to talk about and ask the Community what they think about it.


I asked highspirits to come over, but until he's done streaming, rta timing means you can take all the breaks you want, but the timer never stops. We're using the same timing as the Japanese runners that have been running the game for a year, which is starting the timer when you select begin a new game and ending after the final boss is killed. No submitted run of an should have a paused timer in it at any time. Since six runs have already done this (as well as many other Japanese players, I assume this should remain the norm.

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RTA is defined as running a timer until the game has been completed. If you pause a timer during an RTA attempt, you have broken the rules and your run is invalidated. Most people run games for fun and you can do what you want, but if you are going to submit a time to be known around the world, you have to follow the defined rules. I don't see why this game should be an exception to the rule.

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The only reason I paused was to reload the stream so no footage would be lost, if people cared about it for a 15+ hour run then I would just add 2 minutes to my time because that's exactly how long it takes to refresh a stream on YouTube since the upload limit is 11:55 and I never pause for runs that are under this time anyways. Twitch has also had issues maintaining footage above 12 hours as well so I wanted to be safe for both platforms.