WR Any% run
4 years ago
Nevada, USA

Does video still exist of the current any% WR run by serpensr_ ? I go to the link and it doesn't seem to exist when I click it?

Kentucky, USA

That's a very good question. He also has the WR in DD3 and that VOD is missing as well. I went to the link for his Twitch channel and it appears to be offline, and I'm not certain if they were exported to YouTube or not.

From here, all I can do is investigate and check with the other mods.

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Remove IMO as video proof is always needed. Thanks for investigating.


Anyone knows Baize86 and his times in Double Dragon series? I think he was WR-holder in dd2 and dd3, maybe and in this one? I don't remember history of dd1 old WRs, maybe someone know it.

Kentucky, USA

His best time under the name Baize was 11:14, which I beat last year with an 11:10, and then again with an 11:06. The popular theory right now is that Baize and SerpenSR are the same person, so the 10:44 would've been his current PB if that remains true.

The investigation is still ongoing, but if nothing else pops up, it's likely going to get turned into "no vid, no did" and inevitably be removed.

Kentucky, USA

Seeing as SerpenSR has no real means of contact and that his videos were never tracked or restored, our moderators had no choice but to remove the run from its designated spot.

Shame, too. It was a really good run with a lot of strats that I was never able to showcase myself. For any aspiring runners of this game, I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, take care!

California, USA

Has anyone seen this run before?

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Kentucky, USA

Tarot was showing me this run a few months back. It seems pretty legit, AND the runner has a speedrun.com account, though they never submitted this for whatever reason. The only run to their name on this site is a 2nd place time in Hokuto no Ken for the Famicom.

I considered submitting it in their name until I discovered the player had an account, so I decided against it. I'm not sure if BUGHONEY will ever read this or not, but if they do, I hope they submit this run proper. This run blows any other current top time out of the water, even SerpenSR's 10:4x.


About the aforementioned theory about serpensr..he is baize86. And he's also sumpura from the Revenge of shinobi leaderboard and Genesis batman. How do i know It? I was contacted by him in private getting some insults because, apparently, someone (i wonder Who) told him me and and some others exposed the obvious fact. He really thought noone figured that out. Yeah some unknown runner comes out playing the same games, with top times like him. Who would have thought? Anyway After that he removed all of his runs from everywhere. Not that i really care about him insulting me, i mean.. we're Just talking videogames, aren't we?

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