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3 years ago

Hey, I've been thinking about trying to run this game, but I'm really not a fan of the pyramid to the end strats, i do want to find a way to showcase just about everything the game has to offer, and this would therefore obviously make a significantly longer style run.

For 100%, i was thinking about routing a run that just closes all questlines, and kills every possible NPC/Enemy on every map. I'm wondering if anyone sees any problems with this approach? I love the game and have done so many playthroughs, and although I intend to try and play the game this way anyways, I'm wondering if this is something that anyone else is considering?

Cheers -Huszar

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well it will be a 15hours run :)


Hey, it's nice idea. 15+ hours run is existing, so I think, it's not a problem. The problem is, there are a lots of little things, that have to be discussed.

I think, kill every NPC is bad idea, because it raises a lot of questions. Did playable character turns to not playable, once you fired him for the last time (or never hired)? Are you have to kill character only once, or every time, when he appears? It's question about Windego, bishop Alexander and playable characters, which not been chosen. What to do, if killing NPC breaks questline (Gwydian Rince, Butter)? Should you kill ghosts? And finally, it's not very interesting to see, how someone hunts squirrels and hares))

What about questlines, the main problem is that there is quests, which you can't close (or even open) without needed character. Maybe, it's not a problem in Fort Joy, since you can hire and fire characters, but it's impossible in next levels. I don't remember exactly, but isn't there contradicting quests in Reaper's Coast with Lohar? But it definitely is in Nameless Island with Alexander and the Sallow Man.

Also, there is no in-game progress bar, so we have to make check-list, and then find optimal way to beat every quest. Sadly, I think, we still have to use pyramid strats there.

By the way, have a crazy idea - in 100% you have to collect each item and deliver it in to Lady Vengeance, or your bag, or loose it by selling it to someone, and then kill him. Or use in craft. Or make it disappear in any way, that I forgot)

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I've done what I call "true glitchless" so it's story mode, no pyramids, no DF barrels, no telekenesis, and no glitches/exploits and no OOB. overall the run took about 4 hours (story mode). but act 4 is still kind of boring, so if you find a way to route a 100% or something close to it that would be pretty cool. idk. maybe like, "Murder all bad guys" lol

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