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so it has been brought to my attention from admins who i wont get into about that they wont add a new game plus mode. So i am here today to potition it myself. Not everyone like playing doom i understand this. However when you bring up a topic or issue in this community im slowly realizing how toxic the admins are to ideas and opinions. However. If the speesrunner likes playing all the levels as if it was a new game plus why not do it? Ive been strong armed in my last 2 speedruns in an attempt to bring light to these guys that a New Game Plus category is warranted. If one person says something then thousands more will follow if they believe in the idea. New Game plus is not a new or original idea but it is apart of any game as a whole. I stand before you a man who was kicked off the discord for speaking my mind. Oh well you are toxic i see that. But my ideas are legitimate. In order to make these people see the truth behind a new game plus mode we must look back at doom 2016. This game had a legitimate category called new game plus. The idea was simple yet effective. So today i am laying down rules for Doom Eternal New Game Plus Mode. We need to ban together and start playing how we the player wants to play and not be bullied by modirators or Admins telling us our run is not legitimate enough for them. Theres currently no category but i hope bringing this to light will atleast spark the idea. I know im not the only one doing a make shift ng+ run on my downtime. But if these people to see no new categories then thats just wrong to an evolving community, i will always speak my mind it is how i was raised. Below is a basic ruleset for the new game plus mode i would like to see reach as a fun category.

New Game +
1. Only 2 bfg shots per mission unless there's bfg ammo then you have your default 2, plus the bfg ammo in said level.
2. Categories are any% is patch 1.04 and up and no glitches which is also 1.04 and up.
3. Sequence brakes are allowed however only if you can make the jump. Meaning no batista boosting to make an otherwise none existent jump. And it goes without saying no Slope boosting Jumps because patch 1.04 and up. However the slide jump used in exultia to reach the chains for air dash is allowed.
In Any% you can balista boost to make a jump.
4. Complete the game as fast as you can.
5. Time starts when you enter the first level in question and Time ends when you reach the main menu after the final Sin fight.
6. You can complete each mission in any order you like except Hell on Earth must be first and Final Sin must be last.
7. The use of Cheat codes are allowed however only infinite ammo, idkfa, all runes, overdrive and quad damage are the cheat codes allowed. You can use party mode and quake con cheats if you wish as well.
8. Any difficulty is allowed. Except extra life and ultra nightmare.

Lets all ban together and show these Administrators we love New Game plus and make it its own category. These rules are fair yet simple its a new idea and alot of it was taken from the ruleset of Doom 2016.
I will not be posting replys on this thread it is there to make others aware of our new game plus controversy at hand. All we need is 1 or 2 more runners to agree to these rules and boom 💥 its a category. I hope you all have a great day speedrunning i know i will ng+ has always been a favorite of mine.
All the best

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Stop making a new forum post every time they tell you no.

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They have already discussed it, and are against the idea, and they made that clear, and you still think you can come in here and Karen your way into getting a category that is arbitrary.

You have yet to realize that you are NOT helping, but making things worse, and annoying everyone in the process. Literally nobody is "banning together" with you. If you didn't pull the shit you pulled, maybe you would have a chance, but nope you blew it.

Not a single mod, or person in the community for that matter, has been toxic about any of it. It's literally just you. Every other day you are in here posting about this, and every other day they keep telling you no. What the hell are you not understanding? You are not a mod. You are not a admin. You aren't anyone but a little kid who is pissed off cuz someone pissed in your Doom Eterbal cheerios. You need to chill, and stop acting like everyone is against you when they aren't. NG+ has many many issues, just because YOU fail to see it, doesn't mean it's not there. Hopefully soon you will come back to reality with us when you grow up, because you are never going to get your way if you keep doing what you are doing.

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We have discussed it, and you know this. There is no toxicity in rejecting your runs on the basis of those runs breaking the rules of the categories you submit them to. You were told this multiple times in your rejection notices. And finally, constantly making the same forum posts over and over again will do absolutely nothing for you.

Have a nice day 🙂

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As a mod of several other communities and someone who has witnessed new categories come to fruition from community requests, it is extremely obnoxious for someone to force their way into something like this and request new categories day after day when you don't run any of these categories which you suggest that we create. The leaderboard is only for categories that are considered official by the community, but that does not stop you from running these categories which you suggest that we create. Better yet you can choose your own ruleset rather than what has already been defined.

If running the category is what you care about, do it independent of the leaderboard. If you only want the category to be created, for the sake of making empty space on a leaderboard or being to only the runner with a free world record, I think that almost everybody in this community, even other console runners, has asked you to stop at some point.

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" i will always speak my mind it is how i was raised"
I don't believe you have been raised at all. Jesus christ.

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I didn't read what OP said, but I'm going to assume we are now discussing how Sheogorath is the best character in Oblivion and is, quite frankly, the only reason to play the game.

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Hey I do want to use glitches. So I will make my own category called new game plus but with glitches. Also I run on stadia how can I downpatch? Send me some help.

Memes aside. If you are so keen on running this, make a google spreadsheet like people did in the old days of speedrunning. As someone who is mod and admin in mutliple communities, I can see why this category got rejected. As most people stated before me, there are multiple issues with that category. Also just because a leaderboard doesn't have a specific category, you can't speedrun it. Do runs on your own and compete with yourself and once again if a few people are interested in competing do a google spreadsheet.

Anyway all of you have a nice day o7

@EkornEkorn debatable but I can see where you are coming from 🙂

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Personally, id love to have a NG+ category. But the way mission select works carrying over ammo and stuff just doesnt make it viable.

Also, recreating the same thread over and over and calling the community toxic is not the way to win them over.

To OP, if you keep recreating the same thread with the same topic, I will start locking the threads.

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