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i find it very unfair that both console runs and pc runs are in the same any% category. The any% rules say a max of 250 fps and the use of camand lines... yet console cannot do this. A discord user of the name Rigaldo has been making some very good points in this regard. And quite frankly i agree with this person. If yoh have both platforms in the same category then both pc and console should only be ran on 60fps because its unfair to console players who cant do some of tge glitches that pc can. Quite frankly the use of comand line is apolling and i feel it should be banned as well as tge scrool wheel.


Just wanna point out that we can see that it's you who's posting, next time it's better to check your social links before trying to single-man-army some weird rules into a game.

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We told you no in the discord, Regaldo. Making an alt account here and pretending to be someone else doesn't change the fact that the answer is no.

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Hi console runner here who has actually done a run. While console has an inherent disadvantage over PC it is unfair to hamper the experience for others when they paid to have the better platform. Also most every trick in the PC run can be done on console at 60 fps using stuck boosts. Your self defeating argument of making a run less accessable for PC players so that things are more fair for console players is weird and "apolling". Next I suppose every PC player should switch to an HDD drive to make loads fair across all platforms. You and every other console runner has made the choice to hamper their speedrun abilities by going with a cheap alternative, live with it. Also at the end of the day leaderboards are meaningless if you don't like the way the community has decided to do things than go do them the way you see fit on your own. We don't need people who don't know what they are talking about because they got a rage boner from watching one video full of misinformation.

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Hi, here to address a few of your concerns:

1. It's not unfair that console and pc are in the same category, as you can do the boosts on console just like on pc. Here's a video showcasing just this:

2. Isn't it strange that the Discord user you mention just so happens to be the account that you have linked to this SRCom account?

3. We, the moderators, have told you in Discord all of the information regarding #1 in this response; in fact, you even admitted to being wrong and then followed that up with "you guys are cheaters".

4. Hope this helps.

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BurlesqueEsque, I agreed with you up til this point: "You and every other console runner has made the choice to hamper their speedrun abilities by going with a cheap alternative, live with it"

Not everyone can afford a PC that can run eternal, so just saying "live with it" is basically telling all of us with console "fuck you, run pc or fall behind"

Point is, while you aren't exactly wrong, you don't need to be a dick about it..



Not sure if you saw the clip in the post directly above yours, but I'd recommend taking a look at it.

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Having 3 console runners isn't enough to make an official category for console only. If in the future we have a lot of console runners, we will discuss about it again

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@CreeperHntrCreeperHntr I know about the tricks and stuff. MY whole thing is PC just has an advantage over console for things like loading screens, PC has mouse so looking around is better. Little things that add up. Things that console has no real way of making up for. If y'all don't want to seperate, I'm not gonna argue. Nor make a fake account and ask again.

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Ultimately, it's up to the runners/community to make this decision but personally, I think it's probably better to look at a platform split in the future when there becomes sufficient demand for such a thing. Console is at a disadvantage from PC but right now with 3 console runners and the lack of demand, it sounds like splitting both console/pc platforms sounds would also just create quite the additional board maintenance for what to me essentially sounds like motivational reasoning and patting users' leaderboard ranks.

Looking at the responses, it seems like some of the users posting their arguments also don't have a single verified run on the board. As you mentioned before @THiEF_HD209THiEF_HD209, weren't motivated because of the inability to reach a high placing on the leaderboard. Honestly might be worth reconsidering such a motivation, especially when not having verified run on the game at all right now.

That said, I would personally keep an eye on the amount of console runners picking up the game (which after release has been 3-5 so far I think) and re-evaluate a category split if such demand ever increases.

Don't forget that console runners can find their separate console ranking by simply using leaderboard filters under each category. Whether it be to know your console rank or just to be able to find other console runners in the same category more easily.

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The saga continues...


@diablo7diablo7 if you are interested in improving your run, or want tips/advice I'd love to help you/ any console runner interested in running Doom eternal any%


@THiEF_HD209THiEF_HD209 I've always looked at it like this. If you wanna play a switch game, and you don't have a switch, you don't whine about it on Nintendo forums saying that Animal Crossing should be more accessible on other consoles, you save up for a switch. Now if you want to speedrun a game LIKE a PC player, and you want to have the same advantages as a PC player, and you want to be able to COMPETE with PC players, you save up for a PC

I'm NOT saying don't speedrun on console, I think console speedruns are super impressive. I love watching them, because it's cool to see people with less resources than PC, less people sharing strats than PC, making it work. I think that's super cool, and in many ways, MORE impressive than PC speedruns. But we're not talking about that, we're talking about this guy lying about being a different person and whining about not having the same advantages as a PC player. So yeah, I kind of really agree with @BurlesqueEsqueBurlesqueEsque, if what he really wants is to speedrun a game on an equal playing field, he's gonna have to save up for a PC. Plain and simple.

Now, about the point itself of making a console PC split leaderboard: If he was honest with us, and started out by saying "I said this in the discord, I was rude and disrespectful, I was told no, but I want a second chance to start over and just get some new opinions on this", I would've talked about it with the fellow mods. Our answer possibly could've been no because that's what was decided by the mod team previously, but there was a better chance. He threw that chance right out the window when he started this off with a blatant lie.

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In my opinion, the console board should be made with a high demand of console runners with a similar amount of players that run on pc. However, with @diablo7diablo7 odd behaviour making the mods weary ( I think) and a good point from @SpiritsSpirits Seems unlikely ):


Also, for the record, you can filter by platform in the leaderboards. So if you're really curious, you can do it yourself. If this guy was first place on console I'd understand his argument, but he's dead last in all categories, so I'm genuinely confused about why he's so worked up about this.

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What Spirits said, there's really no reason for an entirely separate leaderboard when you can just filter by console.

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That's true. However some people may not know about the filter and for most people would feel nice about their own console Leaderboard being shown as default and easy to see by others instead of clicking a load of buttons to see it. But yet again, theres not many console players running this. I see it as console players being put off with the advantage of pc players and don't dare to make a run because they will be down at the leaderboard and people who just look at the leaderboard without knowing about the filters. Think they're no good. But with a console Leaderboard, console players will be encouraged to make it to the top of the leaderboard as default and I think more console players will run Doom Eternal.


@TomatoTomTomatoTom I understand and agree with you but the harsh fact is, and it's quite obvious - PC don't care.
I say this too not as a negative thing. It's just the way it is and always has been. I'm cool with it - mind you I don't submit runs either though. But it's not difficult to see the platforms with/without the filter.

Seen this happen in speedrunning communities over a decade ago. It's nothing new and par for the course.
We should be focused on rallying together as a community to overcome the recent "fixes" 😃

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I've noticed that myself with this forum that PC players don't care about console players or not even understand. (I respect the community don't get me wrong). However the filters are good but only show a certain platform, not the whole console thing itself. Also, I've seen in other Doom categories outside of Doom Eternal, have separated platforms that have advantages to others and has its own leaderboard for a nice equal playing field. So clearly there's no trouble making a console leaderboard and its not hard to. For example Doom/Doom2 BFG edition and Doom 64 (2020). I can live without it, but it's unfair. And people may think 'just buy a pc'. That's not the case because pc are expensive and not many people can afford it. I enjoy watching pc runs but it would be nice for console as well so everyone in the community can have a good chance and it will give a good achievement for the console runners. Yes I haven't submitted a run yet and that doesn't excuse me with my point. PC players shouldn't look down on consoles players and neglect. And another reason people will think is there isn't enough people. I'm sure there will be more coming if the board is made. Also, this is not the case of getting 'free records' in case anyone was thinking of that. (Not being negative).

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