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So I noticed that on the board, my run sits in 55th place, with a time of 1h 38m. The run above mine (54th) is a time of 1h 52m.

The question here; Why is my run lower on the board?

I've made the assumption that It may have something to do with the time without loads section not being filled in on my run? Considering it isn't something doable on console due to no autosplitter.

My thoughts; I feel like maybe the runs on the board that are with loads should be the main times instead of time without loads considering console can't do that? At least I think that is how it works, not sure, hence why I am posting here.

Feel free to disregard my thoughts on it, that's more or less me trying to shine light on the subject, but mainly, I just wanna know why my run is lower than a time posted that is slower.

I probably answered my own question but If I am wrong, please let me know.

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At some point the mods apparently decided that they don't want to fill the IGT with RTA time, the leaderboard doesn't like it when IGT is empty, and it just pushes it all the way down.

Don't know why this was made, considering there's some console runs with IGT.

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Yeah but none of the console run's have an accurate IGT posted on there, they just put the same time as RTA.

It's weird how it works and I don't quite understand it.

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