Dropped Frames
3 years ago
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Hey! I recently got a PB of 1:13, but in the Twitch highlight, there is so many dropped frames that it makes it close to impossible to tell what's going on. Would I still be allowed to submit it to the leaderboards? Thanks in advance.

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Potentially you can, it depends how choppy it is, if you can see a good portion and say maybe the key points of the run you could be fine, future tip though is to record your streams through OBS (I'm guessing thats what you're using) or just record it through whatever you're using so you have a version that doesn't drop frames like the live recording/broadcast from Twitch would.

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Thanks! Also I watched back the run and it's not that choppy, so I went ahead and submitted it. I'll take that into consideration though!

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Oh yeah also setting your FPS to your stream to 60 or 61 helps given the game runs around that speed, but yeah GL on your runs.

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