Only one loop?

The only cathegory for this game is doing 1 loop which takes only 1-2min to acomplish. Why isn't there a category for the whole game till kill screen? Would it be too hard?


most old school arcady games that loops only consider one loop for the speedrun...

i think galaga recently added such category, so nothing's stoping you from making a run 'till kill screen and then request the category with a submission or on this forum! ;)

as a general rule, categories are considered and recognized when enough ppl makes runs of said caterory and then when the community agree that it would be a good addition to have a board for it, it become one...


Cool, I will stop making new category ideas. Sorry, if this and Game B both annoyed you. :)


you seems to have taken my comments the wrong way, i'm not telling you nor anyone, in any way, shape or form NOT to run new categories, on the contrary, i'm simply explaining that if someone wants a new category to become a thing, they must first run it... otherwise we could make millions of empty boards just to make sure that if someone one day wanted to run whatever game with whatever restriction they would have a place to post it.... its just not the way it works...

i run multiples games and categories that nobody else run, and it doesn't bother me that there isn't a leaderboard for them... if something deserves to become a leaderboard it will happen...

i mean, i did explain in the other tread that i DO run Game B... it doesn't mean that it deseves a board yet and i explained why...

so please, don't take my explanations as an attack on you nor you ideas, cuz it wasn't... if anything, i actually plead in your favor and told you what to do to help make it happen... ;)

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Oh. By the way, I didn't mean your comment as an attack and I understood it right. I just didn't want to give you any more worries, that's why I said I won't give any ideas. Also, that are the only ideas I had in mind.

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