I made a TAS with a possible sub 1 min strat in it
5 years ago

So i had been working this on my mind for quite a while but i finally decided to get my idea ti the test and make aTAS of it so i can simulate it. The TAS its self seems to be a little bit above 15 seconds cause i suck at stage 2 (my PB is 5 seconds faster than that lol). What i made this TAS for in the first place was to test something out in stage 3. I timed my stage 3 and graystripe's wr stage 3, and it seems like we have 3 second diffrence cause i timed mine 36 seconds and his was 31 seconds. I did not have the best execution on stage 3 and im sure i can find a better pattern to do this on that might make it a bit more of a diffrence, and if i can find a strat that tops graystripe's wr run by even 3 seconds or so, then we could find a start that is humany possible which we could use for sub 1 times. This was a very experiemental TAS, its actually the first TAS i have ever done so im sore for unprofessionality here, but im sure i can improve this to atleast be closer to graystripe's run with a diffrent strag.

Anyways, i used FCEUX to make the TAS. I recorded the Movie with OBS both the time the lag counter and frame counter was showing up and a clear gameplay with just the playing button showing up. My PC sucks so the run was a bit laggy, so there is a slight chance that my stage 3 was better than graystripe's stage 3 and because of lag i timed it wrong, but im not sure. If anyone wants the file of the movie so they can examan it further, please let me know and i'll send you the file asap! Without and futher to do, here's the TAS. Please give me your advise and notes on my TAS, so i can improve it more.

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