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Is there anyone in the DMC5 Speedrun who wants to do DMD and HAH?


People had no interest in running DMD, we had 0 runs total for both NG+ categories @ 6 months.


It is a difficult problem.
It's a fun category to try, but it takes time.
I actually ran it, but it took more than 2 hours and 30 minutes.


It's a general problem of DMC games.

All of the games have good tech and insane skill floor to start, which pushes people away from running.
Then, we have speedrunning tech that only grows from game to game, with 3/4/5 having the most of it.
And then, we have difficulty selections, given people can't even clear Devil Hunter/Normal without getting hit at the first 2-5 misisons (depending on a game), what you can expect on DMD, with enemies being brutal as fuck?

At the end, we have extremely difficult category, that requires shitton of skill to play casually, and close-to god-level of understanding how the game works in order to play it flawlessly. And then, you want to speedrun it.

Sure, DMD runs might be fine, but it all comes down to spamming JC EX3 Caliburs/Showdowns/Roulettes, with no extra tech or any new glitches for the difficulty. You're doing the same things as you've did in any other category. DMC speedrunning, especially on DMD, was somewhat a yarikomi, that was eventually found by russian community back in 2009's ( one of the examples that's still up).

Since the rules of "how you should run X game" are constantly changing, rules are usually flowing in a zone where you mix both accesibility (low difficulty / lowest amount of tech) and skill (start easy and slow, spend years to get good at something), so the reason of current 5's ruleset kinda aiming at people who would want to run the game. And uh, people prepared somewhat decent amount of resources to get started.

What comes after, well, we don't know. Maybe you would run DMD w/ all enemies being Furies.

P.S - Remember that outside of Japanese regions, DMC games / runners don't get as much respectability/viewership/reckognition, and DMC's main focus was always a style-based gameplay, not efficiency-based one that speedruns are showing.
Running DMD's might be cool and stuffs, but has no(or very close to no) value, if you would compare DMD run to Human or Devil Hunter one.

Doesn't matter if you run DMD or Devil Hunter, if the numbers are the same, as people wouldn't understand why DMD is quadrice harder than DH, although we understand hows DMD fucking brutal.


DMD is just a problematic category imo because with Faust it's just a longer version of SoS with more dying for a few more red orb revives. Faustlsss there's even more deaths for red orb revives you can work in, so for the category to not be cancer/redundant, we'd then have to limit red orb usage to zero. And then from there gold orb becomes the meta to gain back DT and such. Given those tools, what do you do? Require people to run deathless? That's also offputting. I've said for a while that if you have to heavily restrict a category for it to be interesting/ require the "skill" that people expect out of it, then it's probably just not a good idea.

And HAH is totally redundant imo because it's just SoS with a no damage requirement.

Given that, like meka said, we had no interest and no runs created in either of these categories for half a year, there was no reason to put them up. Couple that with red orb revive being really stupid even on SoS? I shudder to think how dumb it would be on DMD.

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Thank you for your polite explanation. Isn't it unavoidable for a better environment? After all it is category where there is not much demand… I will practice DMD and HAH alone. I expect other categories to saturate and become more interested. I'm sorry.


No need to apologize, man. I really respect your play and dedication to those categories, honestly. If there were more interest I would absolutely consider adding them to the board despite my reservations. Thank you for bringing it up, you were owed a proper answer given the work you've put in.


i'm sorry, i missed Post.
Thank you very much.
For the time being, I will investigate overcoming the redundant points you are concerned about.
I would be happy if there was an opportunity.

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Everyone would literally be jumping in their seats, while eating pizza and juggling faust meatballs while running across the minefield, if people that claim that "speedrunning is DMD 100% only" would actually did try to make a single attempt at making this happen tbh.

Instead, well, ez rekkies is all people care about it seems.
Glad to see you running DMD tbh.

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honestly if a lot of people ran DMD I'd have no problem with it being added, the problem was no-one ran it, and there wasn't any interest, but like cosmic said the fastest strats would be a lot of dying and using red orb revives since it becomes so much more powerful on DMD.

If you're having fun with it I'd say to keep running it and if it gets more interest we can always look at it adding it in the future.

At the end of the day just have fun

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