NG DH Notes
NG DH Notes
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I. Basics

  1. You have to complete M1, destroying atleast 9 benches out of 12 present in the level. If you destroy them while Dante's HP in invisible, they won't count (but they'll give free Red Orbs, so do it). Also, if you get hit - you have to reset.
  2. You have to complete M2 without getting hit. This is mandatory, as the backup strat is super RNG based and might give you a reset after you complete M3.

Berial analysis: If you run straight forward, he will make 1 out of 3 possible attacks. A - Right hand uppercut, if you character is airborne. Will hit you for sure. B - Upwards sword slash, that's easy to avoid by rolling or timing your jump properly. C - Downwards sword slash, avoidable ONLY if you roll to the RIGHT side of the Berial.

Backup strat: Jump to the house on your right and shoot him till he comes close enough to destroy the house. Jump behind him and force him to use spin attack.

It takes around 9 exceeded hits to stagger him, another 9 at the head to knock him down, and 8 hits to get him back up. After he goes 2nd phase, you want to stay either at the left or the right side of him, around his back legs. He will spin around, giving you some time to make some hits.

  1. No damage M3 is a mandatory to this run. Always reset if you get hit. Exceeded attacks will briefly stun Frosts, EX-HighRoller will launch them upwards. Regular won't. DO NOT GRAB FROSTS BY ANY MEANS, EVER.

  2. Time your chargeshots to get as much damage as possible, and play around them.

  3. Echidna will go back to her "neutral" stance if you'll hit her with precisely timed (when she opens her head) CS3/Shotgun shot.

  4. Alto Angelo strat: Cancel 1 or two attacks, proceed to taunt Alto. Proceed to do it twice, if they won't make a ball attack - do the job yourself. Deflect ball attack with CS3 or DT Prop/Shredder as Dante.

  5. 2nd hit of Nero's basic combo will hit Dante most of the times, if you time it properly.

      • D a n t e - - -
  1. Get CS1 for E/I at M12, replace it with CS1 for Shotgun at M13. Don't forget to collect Devil Star S at M12.
  2. Use Devil Star S for Echidna, if you feel that you need just a bit more DPS.
  3. DRI table Use: Alto, Mephisto, Mega Scarecrows. Use 1-2-T-3D distort to kill them. Use T-1-T2D-3 to conserve some DT energy. Don't: Frosts, Scarecrows, Gladius, Biancos, Frosts, Assaults. Assaults will ignore your DRI unless you Prop them first.
  4. Use Shotgun to disable Chimaera's for ~10-15 seconds. Close-range only.
  5. While on DT, you can peform Sky Star and Air Hike twice.
  6. DRI can whiff against Savior's Core, if you positioned yourself bad.

II. Shopping. (Note: you purchase them BEFORE you start your next mission, so after finishing M3 you HAVE TO GET THE THINGS i wrote)

¤ Nero ¤ M1 - Speed. M2 - CS1, CS2 (+Streak, if no damage) M3 - CS3 (sell Speed/Streak, if not enough PS) M4 - Split + Streak M5 - N/A M6 - Air Hike, Calibur (Sell Split + Streak) M7 - N/A M8 - Exceed 2, Exceed 3 (+Split, sell Calibur) M9 - N/A M10 - Roulette Spin + Calibur M11 - Nero ends

¤Dante¤ Start with getting: Stinger 2, CS1 for E/I, Trickster 3, Sword 3, Speed, Get More Orbs, Air Hike

M12 - Sell CS1 E/I for CS1 for Coyote(Shotgun), (opt. sell Trickster 3 for Trigger Heart / Enemy Step(sell Get More Orbs if you want to get it)) M13 - Sell Enemy Step / Trigger Heart / Trickster 3 to get Sword4. M14 - N/A M15 - N/A M16 - Two Pandora augments M17 - N/A M18 - Dante ends.

¤Nero¤ Get Trigger Heart (+Max-ACT if possible), proceed through M19 and M20.

III. Shopping, Red Orbs + HW's.

You get free HW's at

  1. M3 - Balcony nearby the wheel on 2nd floor - use Walljump to get close to HW, and use Snatch to get it.
  2. M4 - Talisman room - use CS to bounce off the center, and use regular hit to get it. Proceed to Split shortly after, for the SPEED.
  3. M7 - first Chimaera room - Walk towards the left side of the ledge, jump and get it.

The rest you have to buy yourself. They range from 10k to 15k, so in total you'll have around 5 HW's during your run. HW's are being used in:

  1. M10 - room before Dante boss fight - Use it to pass though two Altos.
  2. M12 - Mega Scarecrow room - self-explanation.
  3. (optional) M13 - Echidna boss fight - do it, if you need JUST A LITTLE BIT OF DAMAGE AND ECHIDNA WENT IN HER DRAGON FORM.
  4. M15 x2 - Blitz - self explanation.
  5. M16 x2 - Either fish room, or dogs one. Choose one of them.

Get 3x Purple Orbs BEFORE fighting Echidna in M7.

IV. Skips

I'm explaining anything that will happen during NG run here. Shoot me a PM if you're stuck w/ something.

V. Discord

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