DMC4 NG+ Route
DMC4 NG+ Route
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DMC4 NG+ Human Route Things you need to know Every time you swing your sword as soon as the swing is done if you time the LT/L2 button just right The Red Queen will have one of the meters full(This whole game during every fight you want to use this charge gimmick to make all of the fights go fast.).(With max act it will fill all 3)Setting your Gun button to R2/RT helps with killing enemies faster.Since you have charge shot you want to hold down the Trigger while doing your normal combos to let the gun charge and fire it when it is ready.Jump canceling is another major role in this speedrun if you do not know what a JC is I would advise looking it up on YouTube and learn how to do it consistently before attempting a run.If you have at least 1,500,000 Red orbs before the run you can buy 30 holy waters for the bosses and always remember if you do use the holy water strats make sure you are close to the boss then pop a Holy water to deal x2 the damage to them.

Menu What you will need to make it through the run.(If you already have all of the skills for Nero and Dante then don't mind this.)


Red queen- Combo B and C, Exceed 2 and 3,Split and streak 1 and 2. Blue Rose- Charge shot 1,2,3 Devil Bringer- Snatch 2,3 Yamato-Trigger Heart,Showdown Abilities-Speed,MAX Act,Get More orbs(Get this that way you will have enough orbs throughout the game to buy all 3 holy waters), Air Hike


Rebellion-Stinger 1,2(Round trip isn't useful during the run) Ebony & Ivory-Charge shot level 1,2,3 Coyote-Charge shot if you want although it is not needed Trickster-Level 4 Sword Master-Level 4 Devil Trigger-Trigger Heart Abilities-Get them all


(Make sure when you start the run that you have 40,000 red orbs so that you will have 20,000 by the end of the game due to the Get more orbs ability.) Holy water x1 for start L Devil Star x1 (Not really needed,unless you miss the one cycle during the frog as Dante)


Mission 1-(Don't start your timer until you hit start mission that way you can get all the items that you need before the run,unless you have them already.) When the fight starts instantly use the holy water to kill Dante

Mission 2- (Once this mission starts go into your settings and change the shoot gun to R2 or RT depending on the system.)Just go through the mission as fast as you can.The enemies during the beginning will be killed with one Devil arm slam.Fight Belial is really simple just do the charge trick and dodge his swings by using snatch to launch you over his attacks.Once his fire dies out jump up and use the Devil Bringer on his head to slam him down.Once he is on the ground use devil Trigger and do a combo on him and then use the Devil Bringer with Devil Trigger and it will end the fight.

Mission 3- Know your way through this area to get through quickly.The knights are really easy to kill just do a full combo with the charge gimmick and then use the devil Bringer and mash circle so he impales them three times making it an instant kill.

Mission 4- Only Big thing you need to know in this mission is The fast Gyro Blade strat. Once you get to the hallway where you have to get the third Gyro Blade.Get one of the Gyro Blades already on the Plates that you need them on,Then take that one and break the gate thing to get the gyro blade in there.Now hit the Gyro blade behind the broken gate and take it to one of the platforms and leave the one you brought over to get it back there.Then continue on until you get to the Gyro blade and it should show that you have three on the platforms.Now when you fight the Frog stay as close as you can to him and try to stun him.When he is on the ground do 2-3 full combos in devil trigger followed by the O/B button to do major damage leaving him about a combo or 2 from dying.

Mission 5- Just go through the mission like you normally would just don't fight anything except for the forced fights

Mission 6- Go through the mission like usual,and beating the demons in the ground is easy just shoot at them and then use O/B on them to pull them out of the ground.Once you get to the dice mini-game room whatever number is one the top side of the dice when you hit it with O/B is the number your going to get.

Mission 7-Go through like you normally would on this mission and skip all of the enemies except the forced fights.When you get to the platform area by the bridge where the 2 reapers can knock you off,use 2 snatches to rip them out of their cloaks and kill them as fast as you can and try to stay on by not getting knocked off and by not falling with the disappearing platforms.When you get to the She-Viper make sure you use the Sword Charge gimmick and shoot her with the gun fully charged.

Mission 8-Run through this mission.During the boss fight try to get your gun charged all the way and shoot him when it is charged.He will only let you hit him 4 times and then will block you with his shield and counter attack.When he holds his shield in front of him for awhile use O/B to do a damaging attack.So basically this fight is your trying to break his shield using the charge gimmick and when you do so do 2 combos in devil trigger plus the O/B to kill him off.(If you did not know this when he goes to throw the spear at you time the Devil bringer attack to send it back at him leaving him open for a full combo or 2.) (What this boss does as attack patterns is strictly RNG)

Lost Woods pattern- Straight,Right,Left

Mission 9- Go through this mission as fast as you can and during the boss fight once you knock him to where he can take a lot of damage go into devil trigger and do 2 full combos on him using the charge gimmick at the same time then do his Devil Bringer move to finish him in 2 cycles.

Mission 10- Go through this mission without fighting enemies.When you get to the Statue you can power up at right before the Dante Fight buy a holy water.(At this time you should have about 29-31,000 Red Orbs)This whole fight is strictly RNG,basically what you want to do is counter him and hit him before he hits you(Tip:If he is in the middle of comboing you go into devil trigger to stop his combo,stunning him and leaving him open for a combo and a Devil Bringer attack.If he changes styles and he is close to you it leaves him open for a full combo plus a Devil Bringer move.(if you get into the animation where you are blocking him with the devil bringer mash O/B to send him flying.

Mission 11- Go through the mission like usual(Using the charge shot and Charged sword gimmick the entire time to kill the Knights and commanders really fast.)Once you get to The boss break his Shield and hit him again to make him fall to the ground, do as many combos as you can against him and use the Devil Bringer move.Now the second time you do this make sure you don't get him under 3.5 health bars without doing the Devil Bringer move since that will instantly start a cutscene.If you use the Devil Bringer move before he hits the Health gate in devil trigger it should kill him and skip the cutscene.

Mission 12- At the start make sure you have Dante's gun command equipped to R2/RT.All of Dantes fights are using stinger and coyote(One shot with the coyote followed by one stinger and repeat until dead).For every enemy in the game except for the bosses you want to use the coyote.Not only does it deal a ton of damage it also stuns your enemy leaving them open for a stinger.Fighting the She-Viper is just use sword master in the air and Dark Slayer to deal massive damage.When she plants herself in the ground just press O/B to deal a lot of damage to her.

Mission 13- Go through this mission quickly skipping all the fights except for mandatory ones. Lost woods pattern- Straight,Back,Right,Right

Mission 14- Juggle the enemies during the mandatory fights with the coyote shot and the one stinger combo and try not to get eaten by the things in the ground.

Mission 15-Go through this mission and do all of the mandatory fights.When you get to the Electric guy just shoot him until he is vulnerable,then go into Devil Trigger and use stinger over and over until his lightning is back and then just shoot him until he dies.When you get to the frog boss use sword master in the air until you knock him down.Activate devil trigger and use stinger until he dies or you run out of DT,Depending on what his health is decides whether or not you use the large Devil Star or not.

Mission 16- go through the mission and do the mandatory fights.The fish things are way easier with Dante just jump in the air and shoot them with coyote and then do the stinger/coyote combo to kill them off quickly.

Mission 17- Go through the mission and if you need extra red orbs get the Soul Crystal(you can't miss it)During the boss fight just use air combos with Sword Master and switch to Dark Slayer really fast to do a damaging combo and repeat.

Mission 18- Buy a Holy water for final phase of the Savior,and buy a L Devil Star if you used it during the Frog fight..During the first phase of this fight go to the right until you find the cannon and make it shoot by comboing the switch.Then when he is knocked back go to the right side and shoot his orbs with the coyote(If you don't only have His head orb and right shoulder orb left you will have to do this again by going left after the small cutscene you skip.)When he slams his right hand down jump on to it and run up to destroy his orb on his shoulder then switch to Ebony and ivory and take out his head orb.During his second phase where he actually has a health bar jump right twice then when his super beam ends go to the left once and he will bring his face by you just in sword attack range.Go into DT and use stinger until a cutscene plays where he falls back.Revert From DT!!!,skip it and then jump down towards his chest.If you have a full bar of DT left then go into it and use the O/B attack in sword master on the ground to deal a lot of damage to him.(If you don't have any DT left use the L Devil Star and use the strat.)When he has about 3-4 Health bars left use the last holy water.

Mission 19- Use the Dice strat and boss strats to beat this mission fast.(Try to land on the gold platforms since they take you instantly to the boss fight.

Mission 20-Use the same strat as you did before for the fight in mission 11 except when you make him vulnerable use showdown in DT followed by the Devil Bringer attack.(If you have enough orbs to buy another holy water do so and you can one cycle this fight after the Devil Bringer attack.)Once he reappears destroy the shield and get ready to time your Devil Bringer attack against his DM,which is a move where he rushes at you with his sword very fast.After the fight your going to have to time your Devil Bringer attacks with the bosses attacks at the end and once you do it to his face split for your final time.

(This will be updated in the future as new strats are being found really fast) For more in depth detail look at my WR Video(Old WR but shows all of the strats above).

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