Style Switcher 2.4.3.

Read the readme for installation and configuration instructions (direct download)

By Serpentiem

Xbox one / PS4 Controller fix

Overwrite the file in root directory of DMC3SE folder Due to the nature of the port being broken. You have to uncheck controller support on steam big picture mode. Alternatively for PS4 you can use DS4Windows. (direct download)

By LonerHeroLonerHero


DMC3 Dante NG Normal practice files

These are the practice files I created for the Dante NG Normal run. The first one has missions 2-9 and Dante and Vergil NG+ files (Vergil is not maxed out) which can be replaced with M1 so you don't have to change styles with resets. In M3, you already have the Stinger 2 bought and I might've gotten the M4 Orb ore, but I'm not sure. (direct download)

By SimoteusSimoteus

Heaven or Hell Save

Includes 100% Dante saves. Use save #10 to start HoH run(30 hws, Super Vergil). Use save #6 to preload the game. (direct download)

By MekaraziumMekarazium

PC 2018 New Game+ Dante and Vergil Save

Save 1- Vergil New Game+ Save 10-Dante New Game+ can change the order as you please obviously, best not to save over them either. seeing this save don't got red orb overflow. it only has enough money for the 1 run. so reloading saves will be a thing (direct download)

By SaiyanGamingz