Style Switcher 2.4.3.

Read the readme for installation and configuration instructions (direct download)

By Serpentiem

DMC3 Dante NG Normal practice files

These are the practice files I created for the Dante NG Normal run. The first one has missions 2-9 and Dante and Vergil NG+ files (Vergil is not maxed out) which can be replaced with M1 so you don't have to change styles with resets. In M3, you already have the Stinger 2 bought and I might've gotten the M4 Orb ore, but I'm not sure. (direct download)

By Simoteus

Heaven or Hell Save

Includes 100% Dante saves. Use save #10 to start HoH run(30 hws, Super Vergil). Use save #6 to preload the game. (direct download)

By Mekarazium

PC 2018 New Game+ Dante and Vergil Save

Save 1- Vergil New Game+ Save 10-Dante New Game+ can change the order as you please obviously, best not to save over them either. seeing this save don't got red orb overflow. it only has enough money for the 1 run. so reloading saves will be a thing (direct download)

By SaiyanGamingz

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