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After seeing the amazing runs on GDQ for the last couple years, I've decided that I want to begin running this game in any%. What can I do get involved in the community and begin learning everything about the run?


Hi there, and welcome!

Getting started is easy! I can say personally one thing that helps is to simply play the levels A LOT. Playing the Time Attack versions can help with this, but the main thing is memorizing the layouts of the levels via playing them a bunch.

To help you with the speedrun stuff, MooMooAkai has created an awesome series of tutorials that should teach you (almost) everything you'll need to know!
A few of the strats have changed since he made them, but that is a fantastic place to get started. Additionally, there's a public discord that is a great place to ask questions and stuff. Check it out!

Also, most runners are happy to help if you reach out to them individually.

Have fun!


I second everything JHobz said =)