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I don't have a wii u and I really want to play this game and speedrun it when the switch version is out on May 4th. Would that be ok?


Of course! we don't know yet if the leaderboards will be shared between both versions or not though, but that's gonna be figured out when we know more about the switch version I'm pretty sure 😛
Either way, have fun learning and running the game!

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Is funky kong going to be accessible as a sub category? I know he is essentially "easy mode"...but he also has a lot more movement options to make the game faster.


Lots of people wanna run Funky mode with just Funky (including me) so it'll really likely be a category 😛
We still need to figure out how to organice the leaderboards though, but I'm sure we'll figure something out quickly when we have the game in our hands


We have to take into account that loading times are different, you can see it on a Digital Foundry video about the game.