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Hey all. I was looking to get into speed running, and I was looking for a good game in my collection. I think I'm going to try DKCTF but I was wondering if DKCTF has mechanical differences between the Wii U and Switch aside from Funky mode. I plan on getting a Switch when I have the surplus money but is it still viable to practice ILs on the Wii U version?

- WildBoar



First of all, the RNG is mostly set on the Switch version, so it's not a wild goose chase thinking about what a boss would do.
Obviously Funky Kong is a major difference, as well as loads.

If you're solely doing IL's, loads aren't too big of an issue, but the boards are way competitive. Which is a good thing obviously.

For full game runs, as I said, Boss RNG, loads, funky. As well as being able to hit Pompey earlier, which is fantastic.

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