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I was just wondering with the new Out of bounds glitch found in 4-B(?) if there will be distinguishing "glitched" and "glitchless" categories now?

Or is the run not short enough / is there not enough time save to make a huge difference?

Opinions from mods and other runners are welcome.


Hey! Sorry for the late response, I haven't checked these forums in a while. Some runners are doing "No out of bounds" runs that don't use the glitch but that most likely won't be considered a main category. It's mostly used to compare times to previous runs that didn't use the trick.

The biggest reason not to make them both "main" categories is because the sole difference is a single level that saves 50 seconds in an hour and a half run. Besides that there isn't any difference at all, so making them both "serious" categories is kind of a waste when you can just learn 4-B optimally and you already know the rest. You can technically do the air swim glitch for 4-1 as well but that's a different discussion.


Coolio, so I guess to make them separate from eachother, the game has to have more (known) glitches? It makes sense.

Thanks 🙂


The general rule of thumb when things like these arise is to ask yourself "Do I see myself running both categories seriously?" If the answer is "No, there's really no reason for me to run x, I just want to preserve my old time," then there isn't really a need for a new category. There was a lot of internal discussion about this specific case, but that question seemed to resolve it.