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Hi, i am surprised that this category doesn't exist. I think it could redefine the speedrun pace depending of which characters we use, and also due to the contraints this mode bring. So i thought about splitting the hard mode in 4 categories for each characters. The problem is that since the game has to completed at 100%, i don't know which route we should use. I precise that i never speedran this game, but it is one of my favourite game, so i followed the speedruning scene since its starts and now it seems a little dead now. Need your thoughts guys 🙂.

ps : sorry for my english


Hey! Sorry for not responding sooner but I rarely check this site now.

First of all, the category doesn't exist simply because there's not much interest in it, Hard mode takes away a lot of cool strats and the kongs hitboxes are super janky.

As far the "route", my take on it is that the only way to beat hard mode, is to complete the 63 stages in whatever way possible. The character separation could be cool but some of those "categories" would be even less attractive to run.

I'm sure that someday someone will do a run of this and then the leaderboard for it will be created but honestly I don't see it happening any time soon.

ps: Your english is fine imo 😛

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Thanks for your reply ! May be the WR owner will try someday... 😛.