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Hey I'm AJ,
This game, Bayo 2 & Smash 4 have given me Wii U envy ever since it's launch. Anywho, it's on switch now and thought I'd say hi and express my interest in running. I'm mostly interested in running a Funky Kong, any% category (I know you haven't sorted that out yet cos it JUST came out). I just like the crazy movement options he provides. I know he's "EASY MODE" but c''s a monkey w/ glasses and a surfboard. Down the line, I'll probably have a look at other categories. Currently I'm playing the game as much as I can and watching MooMoo's tutorial. Looks like fun yo!


Welcome! Funky is super fun to play with already and he's just going to get more crazy with time. Cool to hear you're interested in running it!