Find that glitch! Flying Donkey
6 years ago

Hello friends,

while trying to learn this beautiful game, I encountered a glitch that I have dubbed "Flying Donkey Glitch" and it can be seen at just after t=0:42 in the following video:

I kept all footage up to it in case it had something to do with it.

The glitch appears to have had something to do with the jumping enemy itself, but I have not yet replicated it, so I thought I would post it here.

Happy hunting!

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OMEGALUL, this game have more glitches?

Wait, there are other glitches?

EnchantressofNumbers also encountered this and I have made a guide with both our videos in it:

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Good guide! :D

Nice one! I'm glad you thought my guide that said "I'm not sure how to do it, try to copy my movements" was sufficient! Haha. Do I need to be concerned diego? You gunning for record again? :-P

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