GBA BIOS required for all runs
3 years ago
Texas, USA

Hey all, sorry for my absence, I don't get on src often and missed some of the runs. If you ever need to get a hold of me I am in the GBA discord so you can at me there if you need me to verify your run. That being said, I have had to reject too many runs due to not having GBA BIOS. and so I added a tutorial on how to download and install the BIOS to your emulator. This link has been added to the resource page for anyone to use. This is a requirement to post a run, and if the load screens look faster than they are suppose to I will suspect you do not have the BIOS and therefore reject the run. If y'all have any questions again I am in the DKC GBA Discord ( ) just at me in the DKC1 channel. Thanks all :)

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Centre, France

thank you, so I'm going to start a new race :)

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