do you need a bios to speed up the cutscenes
5 years ago
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my run got removed because it said you need the gba bios to let it get verified but i mean this could be wrong but im thinking is using the bios faster or slower

here is mine

and here is kbzs

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yeah, for almost all GBA emulated speedruns you need to be running the BGA bios. It does make the overall speedrun slower, but it makes it as close to playing on a real console as possible. For a game like DKC GBA where between every level is a load screen, we are talking multiple minutes saved just from not having to load those screens, which would render any console run pointless. Your run was not accepted because the loading times are incorrect. This is a common problem, so don't feel bad about it, if you need the bios join the DKC GBA discord and I will happily send it to you.

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Yeah thanks but I am not a very big fan of discord at the moment like I said about the meat boy discord but I’m alright with just the link or I might use my game boy player

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Thanks for the response

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yeah of course, actually i'll upload the bios to the resources tab when I get a chance, you will be able to download it form there. depending on the EMU you use, there is a place to upload bios files (in bizhawk you have to manually place it in the bios folder).

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I already have one but is it ok if I use a different bios?

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