So uh, how do you tell what version of DKC (1.0, etc) you have if you have a PAL cartridge? I wanted to maybe start speedrunning the game but couldn't really find anything about it on the forum.


Hey there PunchAnimation! Unfortunately the PAL cartridge is not very suitable for speedrunning this game (or any SNES game for that matter). PAL consoles run on 50 fps instead of 60 fps, which basically means your game is about 16% slower. Furthermore, the PAL version patched out most of the tricks that the NTSC-U version does have. So altogether you'd lose minutes compared to the NTSC cartridge.

Having said that, don't let that deter you from running the game. Many people run the game on emulator, which is completely fine. Many Europeans start on emulator, since they'd need to import an American/Japanese system and games to be able to run the games decently.

But to answer your question: on https:/​/​dkcspeedruns.​com/​Version_Differences you can see how to check what version your cartridge is.

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Ah, I forgot about that lmao but thank you anyway. I prefer to not use emulator so I'll probably just get an ntsc console at some point 🙂

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Jungle Hijinx->Ropey Rampage-->warp--->Orang-utang Gang..continue

PAL for life!

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