What about Win95 PC version ?
7 years ago

I was just wondering why no one is running the PC version of this game ? As it seems to be faster than PSX version.


A version of this game was released for Windows 95. It's exactly the same game, but faster than Playstation version (no loadings). Here's a link : But everyone here runs the Playstation version of the game on emulator, so I'm just asking if there's a reason :)

BTW, no one run this game on Playstation console ?

København, Denmark

I've never tried but the PC-version does seem much faster in loading times alone. The lack of runs is probably just a question of accessibility as the PC-game apparently is rather rare. Of course piracy is an option, but... yeah.

I use emulator because I don't have the necessary recording device, but mainly because I only own the local PAL-version which is painfully slow. It's a shame since the Danish version is far superior (well, in a non-speedrunning sense at least).


Okay then, I only own the US PC version but also have the US and French Playstation version, sadly PAL thus 50Hz =/ About piracy, it's really hard to find the full ISO (with music tracks) of the PC version, so I bought it :p

I think all PC versions runs the same, so maybe it's possible to play it in your favorite language without 50Hz hassle, if you can get the game obviously.

Anyway, thanks for the answer guys ;)

Västra Götaland, Sweden

Damn! PC version is a game changer! Need to get a hold of this game and do a run haha! :D

I like how you are worried about pirating the PC version of the game and when I take a look at the leaderboard all PS1 runs are emulated anyways.

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København, Denmark

I guess that is kind of ironic, but worried might be a bit of an exaggeration. It's more a question of moral than the consequences of being "caught" - not that I claim to have any kind of moral highground in general on this topic.

I think emulating a game is at least morally okay while owning an original copy of the game and the machine you emulate. From a legal pov it's probably not, but meh.


Just if there is any confusion, the PC version is allowed. Feel free to use it if you can.


There is also a PSN version for PS3, PSP, PSVita/TV

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