Dishonored Forum  /  Manipulating Boyle RNG?

In all the newer runs I watch, they somehow get the white Boyle to always be in the stairwell. The only strats I know are save scumming the painting rng to grab the closest note, but none of the newer runs seem to use this. I used the QS/QL method and got red Boyle ten times in a row, despite the painting changing. Even following the WR exactly, I couldn't get white Boyle to be in the stairwell. Is there some hidden trick to this?


The reason you've only seen the best luck (boyle at the stairs) is because people usually reset if they don't get the perfect luck. There is no known way to manipulate boyle so the strat is to just grind out runs and hope for the perfect luck.


Eh, that sounds too frustrating to me, but my best run is 15 minutes off WR, so I guess I'll stick with slow strats for now.