Dishonored Speedrunning Discord

Discord server for Dishonored speedruns (external link)

Freescroll Emulation

This tool allows you to do the skips where you'd be otherwise required to have a freescroll mouse. (external link)

By Som1LseSom1Lse


This is a keyboard input display. I added a dishonored file that has all the keys that I personally use for the run, as well as a keyadd_README file that explains how to add or remove keys from the display. To add greenscreen effect, simply add the green chroma key filter. (Original download Most Recent version here: (direct download)

By ThoNohT




Blank Any% Splits

Blank splits for any% (direct download)

By MkeefeusMkeefeus


1.2 downpatch

Copy Binaries and DishonoredGame folders into your Dishonored installed directory, merging existing folders and overwriting any files. (external link)

By ReloadedReloaded