How change PC version key config ?
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How change PC version key config ?

hello guys, i noticed that in game settings you cannot change key like i want, i mean that i can't change keys on numpad it is already locked and i can't change it, Maybe can i change it in game files ? I found dino2.cfg but there are only unknown symbols ? What can i do in that situation ?


Hello! I would suggest mapping your controller to keyboard with a third party software like JoyToKey,

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@Nazzareno if you could help me, I tried to do it, and it works, but the pc version reads some buttons of my controler and it conflicts with my JoyToKey, is there a way to "disable" joystick buttons from the game itself so it can only read the "JoyToKey" buttons?

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Ruimney, use the joytokey, but disconnect your controller before you open the game, then you plug your controller after you open the game

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