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hi everyone what i can do if the fonts problem look like this?

btw its pc and i mount it and i open the game and i have find font like this and i dont know what i can do to solve this problem


Hmmmm.... Have you tried adjusting your graphics settings yet? There's a whole thread about that right here under Guides:

See if that doesn't help you.


the fact that you saying you "mount" the game - i assume you have not installed it and just run it from an image file.
This looks like some files / data might be currupt - get yourself a clean iso if you do not own a physical copy 😉
Even the game can be run just without installing it usually causes issues and crashes.
Make sure the files are installed on your HD and make sure you have checked everything in the setup menu of the game launcher.

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I'm actually having the same problem as OP. I'm running this game on my laptop and I'm pretty sure the game is targeting my integrated graphics card (Intel) as the default. I do have another graphics card (nvidia) in the laptop as well, but I can't seem to find a way to switch it. It doesn't give me the option to switch to the Nvidia graphics card in the "Device Select" drop down menu. If anyone can help with this problem, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Under Guides there is a graphic accel. guide by me,try that and see if it helps