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Makes sense to me as having it be full-game is kinda awkward.


I would keep it there, it as really different type of run
If we do so, The "all character" is weird as having only a run of each character's first episode as a full-game is also strange

However, maybe having runs that include épisodes 1 to 6 for each character may be nice. But again, is this full-game?


I think All Episodes would fit best in the Level Leaderboard. Some games have IW (Individual Worlds) alongside ILs listed on the level leaderboard which All Episodes for 1 character would be similar to.


Backstage in the IL leaderboards leads it to be a little awkward for me as well. As Degeda said, it doesn't feel like the individual effort of a certain character to me.

I do like the idea of all episodes though. Might put that in the Full-game categories though, so it's together with the All Characters category. I'll also rename those two categories to "Single Character, All Episodes" & "Single Episode, All Characters" respoectively, to remove ambiguity.

What I'll definitely do though is add Episodes 2-6 in the All Characters category.

Lemme know what you think of these ideas.

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