Why Are Platforms Separate?
1 year ago
United States
He/Him, They/Them
1 year ago

Are there major differences in the game on different platforms? I want to start speedrunning on mobile, but it's a little disappointing that I would be competing with nobody.

Pomorskie, Poland

Platforms have a separate subcategory because of the difference between them, on the Switch you can for example for the Full Game category make a glitch duplicating your inventory with the touchscreen, on the Switch it's impossible to duplicate dice by drawing them yourself in Warrior, the same as on the Mobile version although I've tested it a lot. On the Switch you can use the touchscreen to duplicate your inventory, on the Switch it is not possible to duplicate dice by just drawing a dice in Warrior, the same as the mobile version although I have not tested it, the Xbox One cannot do glitches because the touchscreen is not supported on the Xbox which makes most useful glitches impossible apart from the glitch with getting to the backstage faster and only the gamepad is supported, mobile version can also have glitches but touchscreen is supported, also different platforms have different loading times, Switch is a bit slow for this game, Xbox is slower due to lack of glitches, mobile version is ok but due to touchscreen and lack of ability to get extra dice by glitching the dice again, iOS is faster for mobile version

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Leaderboards update: Port of the game to Mobile and DLC

Good morning, today a new version came out with added DLC, Port for phones and oh these are the leaderboard updates that have now occurred

  • Android and iOS platforms have been added and have their own subcategory
  • removed the XboxSeries subtitle from the subcategory so that the subtitle is not
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