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Hello I am new to speedrunning amd would like to get into it on one of my favorite games. I have a problem with getting money for a capture card and only have destiny 2 on ps4. If I was able to do a run how would I be able to do so. Also I was looking for a way to play the old story missions for ng+ and was having trouble finding how to do so. If you could help it would be appreciated.


for speed running get worldline zero and a warlock and to find old story missions i just do them when they are heroic but don't know how to find them any other way. to record use ps4 game dvr

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With the ps4 dvr you are only aloud to go for 60mins which wouldn't be enough for a full ng or ng+ game but it is helpful for getting specific story mission speedruns done so thank you.


I would recommend streaming your game to twitch then archiving it for Full-game speedruns.

For New Game+ you need to grind a character in the European Dead Zone to level 20ish