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So we've gone about deciding that timing in Destiny 2 will be different from previously due to Destiny 1's timer becoming more and more inaccurate as time goes passed.

So lemme start out by saying that the timer you see in game at the end of missions DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING! Yes! the timer you see in game literally does not matter. All timing will be done manually, and no, you don't need a timer on screen.

So before you say "Oh now PC has an unfair issue due to load time", no they don't and you will find out why soon. There will be things we will be manually taking out of your final time. These things will be: Mid mission loading screens, and cutscenes. Wipe screens will count towards your final time. Timing begins when you see your screen fade in at the mission start and time ends when mission complete appears on your screen

Update: Your final time on in game timer and full time flying in from orbit is required. The time shown on the timer still does not matter for your leaderboard positioning but this is to help our system to manually timing runs.

Any questions? Reply to this thread.

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Love it, thanks for this.

Do we need to do anything different to submit our current runs (during beta), or will we have to wait till release to submit?


ok i was confused when i got an email saying my time was rejected hahaha

so basically youre going over everyones time? and what do you mean by wipe screens?


@Jate I removed all current beta runs since the game is so close.

@Martinez Your wipe screen being the screen that shows up after your entire team dies in a darkness zone.

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Would the fireteam or duo timers start as soon as the character is created as well?


Just a question, since I am new to this, for duo's, would it start at the beginning or when you are in a fireteam? Just curious as I want to try and run soon!! Thanks!


In d1 the way we did it was to have both players start at the same time, as well as starting the timer at the same time, so it was a case of both players trying to be the same speed to get to the part where you can join up. I believe we have decided to keep this as the way it works, so in short both players start at the same time and start the timer when you start

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So, quick question. I'm assuming for Adventures (i.e. "Deep Conversation", "Hack the Planet"), you should start the timer as soon as the starting banner pops up, right?