Wind Farm BT Voidout for Easy Deliveries
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Wind Farm BT Voidout for Easy Deliveries
Victoria, Australia

Happened to me by accident on PS4 (on normal) and so I tested it on PC (on hard) today and it works as well. If you get voided out by the BT in the Wind Farm zone (on the North side approaching), the game will no longer spawn in BTs, which makes deliveries to and from the Wind Farm way easier. My assumption is that this is because the game thinks that there is insufficient room for you to actually have a meaningful engagement with BTs or something, but it means not having to sneak through the Wind Farm forest every time I want to make a delivery there so...

Not sure if this information is useful to anyone but the speedrunning community is the only people I could think of that would even have a chance of using this information, so I figured I might as well post it here.

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Ontario, Canada

Granted, though I think the speedrun only has to visit the area once, so to deal with the voidout and the respawn only to remake the trek, is probably not viable speedwise.