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Updates and PC Version
California, USA

With the PC release out, I've gone ahead and separated Console and PC into different categories. Very Hard is now available, but I have yet to add it to the board. We have no idea how it plays, or how tough it is compared to the Hard run, so I'm holding off until someone routes it and presents a run. If anyone wants to present a Very Hard run, please contact me here or in the Discord and I will go ahead and add it to the PC categories.

It's possible that the console version is still faster, due to the v1.00 Air Walk, but I would be very interested in seeing how fast PC version can get, or if any new version specific exploits are found. I encourage anyone who will be taking this run up now that it's available on PC, to post their discoveries or updated strategies here in the forums, or in the Discord.

Meant to make this post a week ago but have been very busy. Anyways, that's about all I have to say. Keep on keepin' on.

Ontario, Canada

Awesome. The loadtimes on PC are certainly god-tier. Doubt we can achieve Norman Peedus anymore. I assume up to after Ch2 would be rather similar. Then there's the mid game, that's going to need clever triking, some ziplining midlate game possibly. Don't think Very Hard is a huge difference in challenge, the more BT boss health would be mildly annoying.